3MW Steam boiler at Unigrain, VIC

Unigrain’s oat processing require steam for processing and as a by-product of this processing a large amount of oat hulls is generated. Justsen Pacific installed a boiler to use this waste material as a fuel, meaning Unigrain is able to stay off the gas network completely. Using biomass has thus saved Unigrain a massive amount of money compared to the expense of being on Australia’s gas network.

  • Input Fuel
    Waste oat hulls
  • Max Thermal Output
    4.15MW (6.3/hr of steam)
  • CO2 Emissions offset each year 
    2,533 tons of CO2 equivalent
  • Equivalent CO2 sequestration each year
    2,000 acres of forest or 553 cars taken off the road each year the plant is in operation