5MW Steam boiler at MSM Milling, NSW

Shifting from using an LPG-fired boiler system to using a biomass boiler not only cut 4,000t of CO2e emissions, but slashed their energy bills by 70% as well. Using plantation harvest residues from resources in the area means that energy that is generated naturally in the area is used in the area too.

  • Input Fuel
    Sustainablly-sourced wood chips
  • Max Thermal Output
    4.88MW (7.1/hr of steam)
  • CO2 Emissions offset each year 
    2,615 tons of CO2 equivalent
  • Equivalent CO2 sequestration each year
    3,415 acres of forest or 555 cars taken off the road each year the plant is in operation

“Justsen’s biomass boiler has been a sensational success for MSM Milling; it’s doing exactly what we needed it to do and exactly what Justsen said it would do. And the support before, during and after the installation has been exactly what we had hoped it would be.”

                                                                                                Bob Mac Smith, Director, Mac Smith Milling

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