15MW, super-heated hot-water boiler at Dongwha Australia, NSW.

Justsen Pacific delivered a turn-key system that encompassed the boiler, the emissions control system, the fuel-handling system and the connection of this system to Dongwha’s existing infrastructure. The state-of-the-art emissions control system installed with the boiler means that the emissions from the system are well below what regulations require, and the remote monitoring/activation of the system means that Justsen’s engineers are able to check in with the operation of the boiler 24/7 to make sure it’s performing at optimum.

  • Input Fuel
    Plantation wood chips
  • Max Thermal Output
    15MW, 174ºc hot water
  • CO2 Emissions offset each year 
    11,506 tons of CO2 equivalent
  • Equivalent CO2 sequestration each year
    15,062 acres of forest or 2,443 cars taken off the road each year the plant is in operation

“Justsen Pacific offered us the best possible option for a biomass boiler to use the wet sawdust we make to make the heat we need. Switching from natural gas to biomass has increased the profitability and competitiveness of our business."

                                                                                                     IlSun Jon (Jack), GM Dongwha Australia.

  • Sawmills
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Breweries
  • Abattoirs
  • Rendering Facilities
  • Glasshouses
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Dairies
  • Swimming Pools
  • Schools